The Basics
Audio & Visual

WITNESS: America's New Frontline
September 2009
Aljazeera's Rageh Omaar investigates the US military and political strategy for Africa in this mutli-part video series, outlining the formulation of AFRICOM and the current and historic track record of the U.S. military in Africa. Includes interviews with coalition members Emira Woods from IPS and Gerald LeMell from Africa Action

AFRICOM and the Obama Administration (coming soon!)
April 2009

Daniel Volman speaks at UC Santa Cruz on AFRICOM

Papers, Research & Articles

Making Peace or Fueling War in Africa
March 2009
An in-depth analysis of theory behind AFRICOM and its track record to date. Published by Foreign Policy in Focus, Paper by Daniel Volman and William Minter

AFRICOM and the Obama Administration
December 2008
Paper by Daniel Volman

Association of Concerned Africa Scholars
Spring 2010
The ACAS Spring 2010 bulletin feature academic scholarship from all over the US on US militarism.

Militarism in Africa: A Guidebook
October 2008
By Chioma Oruh

Congress Challenges AFRICOM

July 2008
By Beth Tuckey

AFRICOM: The New Military Command for Africa
June 2008
by Daniel Volman

Government Resources & Reports

Government Accountability Office (GAO) on AFRICOM
July 2010
You can also read a summary of this report on Africa Action's blog.

GAO on CJTF-HOA and AFRICOM in Somalia
April 2010
Entitled "DOD Needs to Determine the Future of Its Horn of Africa Task Force"

Other Links & Resources

Africa Security Research Project features numerous reports and articles on present and historical U.S. military involvement in Africa.

Partnership for Effective Peacekeeping maintains an up-to-date list of reports related to U.S. spending on military and security. including the Congressional Research Service on appropriations bills